The Bed…

So, this is where it all started.

The Mrs and I were getting married and she wanted a nice wooden bed, not just any bed, she wanted a four poster bed. So, I made one. If only it was that simple, I didn’t have the tools I have now, or the experience, but I had ideas and the need for a bed.

I went to a local reclaim yard and got some timber, railway sleepers, good solid bits of wood. I didn’t want a flimsy bed! At the time, I didn’t have a lathe, so the posts of the bed were made by hand, square with rounded corners, a couple of bits chiselled out for decoration, a bit to create a foot and another to create an indent to put the curtain ties round.


Lots of chiselling for the bed side frames to go into and for the top frame, this was a four poster with a canopy.

Canopy, cornices

Canopy, cornices

Oh, and then there were lights…isn’t it annoying when you get into bed, then realise that you need to get out again to turn the light off…not with this bed, it has built in lights, his and hers, each with dimmer switches. So convenient!


The headboard was made from some floorboards, and after a trip to a local hardware store, a nice decorative piece to go over the top, of which there was enough to put on the foot end to match.


A few trims here and there, a nice cornice on the top and a slatted base to hold the mattress.

We then stained it a dark Jacobean Oak colour and made curtains and a canopy from cream cotton fabric.

Since then, I’ve made much better beds, for other people, but this bed will always be the wife’s favourite! My tools and knowledge have greatly increased, but I still get a good night’s sleep!!

Portfolio Pages…

There’s been a change round in the gallery, turns out there’s a lot of wooden stuff I’ve made, so it’s been organised slightly better (?!) so have a look at all the different pages there are now!!

Chests…and drawers…


Bowls, bowls and more bowls…

Here are a selection of bowls I have created on the lathe. Have a look on my etsy shop for those that are for sale!