Cedar of Lebanon!

I came across some cedar of lebanon, this wood is beautiful!

This is the dining table I made, 6 foot by 3 foot, with the natural edge left on, how could I not?! Those knots are just amazing. The cross piece is made from a piece of Cornish ash, from a tree I felled myself. The “bow ties” are from oak, they are actually an important part of the table, they prevent any of the natural cheques in the wood spreading further, but they add an interesting feature too! The legs are also cedar of lebanon.

20140617_112529 20140617_112559 20140617_112542 20140617_112552

Also made a picture frame from this wood, again using the natural shape of the tree. The “picture” you can see is just the plywood backing with the light reflection, but doesn’t it look like a sunset?!


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