Favourite by far is the hall table, elegant and classic. Although, the coffee tables and end tables are all nice too!

Sewing cabinets
Made to measure, these have lots of different features, but the most important thing to most sewers is comfort, how many people have had backache from sewing at the wrong height?! They are all great sewing areas, but all fold away to create a nice bit of furniture too.

The large pine kingsize bed was made a couple of years ago and was really solid. The pictures of “THE” bed, well, it’s pretty big and I can’t get far enough away to take a decent picture of the whole bed…so you’ll have to get an idea with these, the Mrs says she feels like a princess with a big bed like this!

I’d never see one of these before I was asked to make this. The idea is basically a 3 sided cot, that goes by the side of the adult bed, allowing the baby to have its own sleeping space safely next to mum, but not in mum’s bed! This one had an adjustable base so the mattress could be made to be perfectly level with the bed mattress. The slight overhang of the base allowed for the side of the adult bed, so there was no gap for baby to fall down!

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